Attitude, Action, Desire.

I like to be happy. Most people do. But sometimes things happen that make me unhappy. In many circumstances, I try really really hard to do something to make it better. Because you can’t complain if you’re not trying something to make it better.  I’m not always the best at it though. Especially if it involves confrontation. All summer I had a coworker that drove me nuts, and time and time again she got her stupid way by manipulating and crying her way there.  And I would complain about it to myself or to Patrick, but nothing would change because well, I didn’t say anything! So how would anyone know that she was being a brat and didn’t deserve as much stupid off time as she was getting?

Something that I do to help me be happy is to think about Attitude, Action, Desire.  What do I desire? Are my attitudes and actions helping me achieve that? If not, should I change my attitude and actions, or do I not even really want to be aiming for the goal I have set? It’s good to say, I wanted this originally, but now I don’t so this is what I’m going to do instead .

I had a bad attitude about my coworker, I wanted her to stop doing the things she was doing, but I didn’t take any actions, so I couldn’t bitch. Well, I bitched a little. She was pretty annoying.  But you just have to get over things like that and be happy because life isn’t really that long.  And don’t sit idly by. Take responsibility for your actions, and ultimately you happiness.

Happy Monday



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