Popular Kids

Atheism has improved my life.

Some people spend their whole lives trying to fit in. Trying to be a popular kid–far into adulthood. We lie to ourselves about who we are and what we want.  We convince ourselves that we believe in what we are saying and doing. I almost didn’t start a relationship with my Fiance because I convinced myself I believed I couldn’t date an atheist (I was a Christian at the time).  I told myself I shouldn’t do something that I desperately wanted, because of some social views strongly upheld by my closest friends and family.  Luckily I was open enough to  realize I didn’t feel that way, but a lot of people don’t ever see that. They continue doing things and acting ways they wouldn’t if  social pressure wasn’t there.

But what’s the point?

When I believed in getting to heaven,  it was a lot more important for me to fit in with the others who were going there too. But eventually my path  split ways with them, because any god I believed in wouldn’t turn away my closest friend, Selbi, a Muslim from heaven, nor would he turn away Patrick, a man who loves me with his whole heart.  And from there I just stopped believing in that (or any) god all together. But I hung onto the need to be a popular kid for far too long. It has never made me happy, yet I did it anyway. Yet I do it.

But I’m not fighting to get to heaven anymore. When I die, I will cease to exist and all that will have mattered is the impact I had on other people and the things I did when I was alive. Being a popular kid brings me no joy. I just want to be me and enjoy my time. Especially with my new family, Patrick and Figaro (see photos).

stay adorable, enjoy your time.



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