Atheist Book Monday

Happy Monday Adorable People!!

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Some highlights of mine were visiting the apartment Patrick and I will be sharing come January, going to a baseball game with some friends, and of course, my new atheist books!  I got God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens and Irreligion by John Allen Paulos.  I love to read–and as a young teen I read a lot of Christian devotionals and books, so it feels right to read a little bit about atheism.  Hopefully I’ll get a lot of reading done this week, I’m really looking forward to learning more and thinking more about something important to me!

What books have you read that impacted you?

Stay Adorable, M.C.


10 thoughts on “Atheist Book Monday

  1. I’m reading god is not Great, too, and loving it so far. Hitchens has an unique way of tearing apart theistic arguments with an entertaining mix of condescension and ruthless logic. He is well-read, well-educated, well-traveled, and unapologetically atheist. Great choice!

  2. Agree with the Hitchen’s choice. It is hard to absorb in one reading. You will want to reread again.

    Usually when I read some of the great atheism books, I will read a chapter and stop for a bit. Just let it all sink in. Internalize. Some great ideas to use when you need to have some fuel for conversations.

  3. Some of my personal favorites that opened my eyes up to Atheism, even if they aren’t purely Atheistic in nature, include:

    The Sacred Canopy by Peter Berger
    Evolving God by Barbara King
    History of God by Karen Armstrong
    The Faith Instinct by Nicholas Wade

    These focus on the biological and sociological aspects of religion and how they are to be viewed as tools rather than metaphysical truths. Great reads.

    Let me know how you like Paulos’ book. If it’s good I want to buy it.

  4. I’ve read “God is Not Great” and it’s a fantastic book. Check out, “The God Delusion”. It’s not as easy of a read, but it is so ‘enlightening” (haha…you like that?). I literally wanted to highlight every other sentence in that book.

    Mistress M

  5. I’ll definitely have to read this book. I haven’t had the privilege of reading it yet but I did watch this really neat debate the other day called “Does God Exist?” hosted by Biola University. Basically Hitchens faces off in a very formal philosophical debate with another highly credentialed Christian William Lain Craig. I thought you may be interested in the link here:

    • I watched a good part of the debate, thank you for sharing! It was very educational (and very over my head at some points). It’s nice to see formal debates instead of yelling and interrupting matches.

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