Rights for Women, Hooray!

I care deeply about women’s health.  I love and support Planned Parenthood and all the great things they do for women. At the Planned Parenthood I go to, there are protesters every single day. They hold up graphic signs and hand out brochures with mis-information.  The Catholic Diocese  pays someone to protest all day long.  I hate that I’m forced to drive through a judging, scary mob just to get birth control pills.  I hate that women who are having one of the worst days of their lives have to go through a bunch of holier than thou judgmental Christians who think their belief should create a universal standard for all people.  And, a bunch of the protesters are men! What is your business worrying about what is or is not inside my reproductive organs?

I attend a Catholic University, and we are required to take three theology courses.   I took my first course with a priest, and during the semester the university decided to pull all funding for contraceptives from their health care for employees.  That’s fine–it’s a private institution and they can do that.  But anyway, the priest wanted to have a class discussion about it. He told me to my face that the legislation regarding contraceptives wasn’t a women’s issue. It was a theology issue.  I haven’t been so mad in a very very long time.  And I have never been so proud to give such an obviously disgusted look at an authority figure.

I watched this video and perused Planned Parenthood’s Action Center for some information on how the health care plan will effect women.  I keep reading over and over from different sources that women will be able to get birth control for no co-pay.  That just hasn’t sunk in for me yet. Like, I can have it, for free? All I have to do is have a prescription and an annual check-up? That must only apply to some women…It just seems to good to be true….

I’m just a firm, firm believer that I can have sex with whoever I want! And no one should decide if I take contraception (or any other kind of medication or treatment for that matter) besides me and my doctor.  And if these conservative Christians have such a problem with abortion, why don’t the spend more time on addressing the root issue of unwanted pregnancies, or offer to pay for the damn child to be born, or to improve the foster care system in this country?

Stay Adorable, and Safe.  M.C.


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