Prayer for an Atheist

Hi Adorable People!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was fun..but bittersweet. It was my last weekend with my fiance Patrick until January. (I’m leaving to do a semester abroad in Ireland). We stayed up late playing a lot of Minecraft, watching movies, and drinking wine from the bottle. It really is good to be in a relationship with your best friend.

On to today’s topic, Prayer! As a Christian, I generally enjoyed praying. Not the kind where you read pre-written prayers in church though, or where they make you stand forever and all you can think about is sitting down. I enjoyed just falling asleep saying my prayers. I never really believed in the power of prayer, it was more of a reflection for me. I never asked god to help me get an A on a test or anything, but I would pray about having patience and remembering to take it slow. And eventually in praying to God, I realized I was just reminding myself and focusing on something important. And that’s what I liked about praying—just a quite time to sort through emotions and think serious things, the ups and downs of life, what I need to work on, what is going well, etc.

So, now as an atheist, I don’t pray. But I do find myself missing that quiet serious time. Reflecting to myself with no sort of direction is harder to make time for and not as rewarding. I do enjoy talking to Patrick about what we are thankful for, and the best and worst part of the day (from the part of me that was a camp counselor…). I also enjoy listening to some comedy before falling asleep, because laughing is important.

I love the rawness of trying to create something like a new routine for reflecting. Sometimes you try something and it just sticks, sometimes ideas just fails. It’s a process and somewhere along the way you learn about yourself by figuring out how you like to reflect, not from the actual reflecting.  I feel that atheist “prayer” is ultimately more fulfilling because it’s about me taking responsibility of my decisions, happiness, and life instead of making that out of my control.

How do you reflect? I’d love to hear about it!

Have an adorable day,


Coffee and tea are excellent beverages to drink while reflecting.



5 thoughts on “Prayer for an Atheist

  1. I feel more “present” in my life as an agnostic person. I was raised Lutheran. I don’t feel that I owe any certain someone thanks for the things that have happened in my life. I feel more connected to life because of that. There is no one to blame, no one to question and no one to doubt but myself. Introspective thought is better than prayer any day. Great post!

    Mistress M

    • Ah, I too was raised a Lutheran. It is great to be more connected to life. Each day has more meaning when you aren’t expecting to live forever. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I agree that time for reflection is important. I sometimes walk home from work instead of taking the bus. It’s a 35 minute walk and I find that I can de-stress from my day and think about what needs to be done that evening or over the next few days. It’s also a time when ideas start to pop into my head. So when I get home, I’m ready for the next thing. And I’ve had some exercise without going to the gym!

  3. I enjoy various types of meditation, My favorite method is a multi-part thing. Step one, determine if you can separate what you focus on from what you are staring at. For example, stare at a cat, with another cat nearby in your field of vision. Observe the second cat while only staring at the first. Step two: close eyes and move your focus back at yourself. There are several things you can do at this point, and I suggest experimentation.

  4. I learned how to meditate way back when I was a Christian and you weren’t even born yet. I still do it. Sometimes it’s just Transcendental Meditation and other times it’s full force Vipissana Meditation. Other times i just lie in bed with my insomnia and contemplate whatever novel I’m working on because a rest is as good as a sleep sometimes. To learn meditation, I bought a little 49 cent book at the grocery store. These days I think you can just Google. Or contemplate your breathing. Or that spot between your eyes. Or, as I just read Richard suggesting, your cat’s eyes. Cats’ eyes are awesome. I scooped up my little Calico in Hong Kong. Twelve years and several countries later, she’s here in Charlotte, sleeping on my underwear. She is a yoga master. I’ve done the yoga thing. I need to get back to it. Also, I find that bicycling is a meditation. I’ve ridden up on deer, so I guess the new bike is a bit quieter than the ones I rode in China. I also stop the bike a lot to scribble notes for the novel. You might write blog entries that way, if you’ve got the pen and little notepad in a pocket like I always do. But you’ll do it in Ireland, which is a place I would love to visit some day. And speaking of Patrick, my lovely adorable Australian atheist bride was once my long-distance relationship. We still reminisce about those emails from time to time. I’d much rather reminisce about it than live it, but sometimes it’s just plain necessary to go through it. And yes, I can ramble. So?

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