What’s Your Favorite Mood Booster?

A Facebook friend recently wrote a status asking what people’s favorite mood booster was, and it got me thinking. When I was Christian, I would read my bible, do a devotional, go to church, pray, talk to my Christian friends, listen to Christian radio shows, lots of christian-ey type things. Obviously that is not the case now…so here is my list of non-christian things I do to lift my spirits.  And since I’m nosy, what are your favorites?

1. Dark Chocolate,Tea, and Fruit

2. Penn’s Sunday School (Podcast)

3. Journaling and Reading

I like to read more serious stuff, but when I’m down I like a good light-hearted book. Right now I’m reading “Nature Girl.” It’s a wild and fun book.

4. Walking


5. Community

What lifts your spirits? Stay adorable



One thought on “What’s Your Favorite Mood Booster?

  1. I lift my spirits with some television (never watch it so it’s a ‘treat’ haha) or a movie with some snacks, start a conversation with a friend or just talk it all out with my boyfriend.
    Or I clean.
    I should start walking like you, it seems like a great idea!

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