So, I’ve started a new job as a manager, and I will just say I have a lot more respect for just about all the managers I’ve ever had in my life. The vast majority of them made it look so easy. I have always looked up to those people, but now I’m realizing just how much confidence in yourself you have to have. I hope I’m doing a good job looking confident and competent.  Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming, because there is so much more to do than there was in my old job role. Day-to-day operations management, completing audits, all that stuff is nothing in comparison to Personnel management, and I’m only really managing 3-5 people! I am so happy to have this experience right out of college, and it certainly is a great growth opportunity.

If any of you have advice or similar experience, share! It’s lonely at the top (even if there are only three people below you). 


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  1. Hi MC,
    Some of my staff, I used to call them ‘underlings’ and was pressured into calling them ‘direct-reports’, were seemingly sub-human.
    But I survived it without going mad and here’s how:
    Manager, Supervisor, Director, whatever, I had a job to do. Once the necessary tasks required of my weekly/monthly/annual rounds were complete, I could go home.
    I enjoyed and gained a lot from great working relationships with most of my staff, but when it comes to direct-reports who are so disagreeable, unfriendly, unprofessional or whatever, I just had a job to do and would give the same advise, warning and reprimands that were necessary to give, even if it felt as though I had already done so a million times. So when I felt the stress caused by some of my staff I just smiled and got back to doing the job, finishing the rosters and reports, then going home.
    Management can add a lot of responsibility and the need for increased ability when dealing with all sorts of people beneath you, just remember, it’s still just a job.

    All the best,

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