Yet another “it’s been a while” post…

I’ll be honest, I stopped writing on this blog because I thought it was totally pointless. I figured no one would really read it,and what did I have to say of importance anyway? But today I happened to see in my inbox a comment someone left. It prompted me to log in…and I read through some of the posts I read. It was surprisingly pleasant to look back and remember those feelings– one’s that are so old now, back when they were feeling extremely fresh and real. It dawned on me, that our society has this weird hatred towards people who are saying something they don’t deem important enough. Why is that? I’m not saying you have to listen or seek out information or opinions you’re not interested in, but why hate on people who just want an outlet? If you don’t want to read– just don’t. It seems like kindergarten to me. But I digress. I guess it was really inspiring to me to see the comments that people have left on old blog posts– even if it’s just a couple, that’s really amazing to  me!

It’s also crazy to think about how much I’ve changed and gone through since I started this blog! I’m still really young, but I feel like I’m finally at the age where the past 5 years were actually all years of adult life– and that’s weird.  Even since my last post, I graduated college, got married, and started in a new position at work (which is awesome!). I also had a major personal crisis…and am now doing much better. I’ve taken up Hot Yoga…and (I think) become quite good!

I’m glad I logged in today, because this blog truly takes me back to the most transformative moments of my young adult life, which was finally realizing I was an atheist. I remember the day so clearly…I remember what I was wearing, where I sat, what I did, how I was feeling…and it feels SO long ago, but also like it happened yesterday. General nostalgic feelings I guess!

I wish everyone the best today 🙂



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