A Lately Post

Hello Friends! Winter is here in full swing and far too cold for me. It’s actually a much milder winter than I’m used to… but still too cold! In the next few years my husband and I are planning (fingers crossed) to move somewhere in the west– Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona or somewhere like that. We haven’t been out there much, so we’re planning a trip sometime soon to explore and see what areas we like. If you have any experience in the matter of wild west living,  please let me know!!

Other than that. . I’ve been doing a lot of Hot Yoga (especially nice when it’s cold out), trying to read more, enjoying the joys of Netflix (any recommendations??), and generally avoiding the cold air. Did I mention I don’t like the cold?

I decided for 2015 I want to read at least 12 books. However yesterday, my boss told me that in 2014 she read 25 books and this made me feel quite competitive… So we shall see. I tend to pick massive and challenging titles, so I’m trying to mix in some quicker reads. The last book I read was The Girl Who Played With Fire, and now I’m onto Gone Girl. Both excellent, but I think for my next I’ll go with a bit less woman hating. My boss loaned me The Interestings, so I think I’ll read that. I checked it out from the library, but I can never read fast enough to beat the due date!

Anyhow, I wanted to upload a few pictures–but the app on my phone is having none of that sadly 😦 So here we are, in an imageless abyss. Just imagine me curled up in the couch wearing a large scarf under a blanket drinking tea and reading gone girl. BOOM. Image for you. Okay, I think it’s time to go 🙂



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