I’m in Alaska!

I keep trying to blog more, but gah! Life gets so busy. Anyway, Patrick and I are visiting his parents in Juneau, Alaska this week. I thought I would share a picture I snapped shortly after getting of the plane. I hope life finds you all well.



Feminism, The Election and Dislike for Rebecca Watson

A few months ago I wrote a post about feminism and how it’s not something I like to associate with because I don’t know what it is and I don’t want to be associated with some of the rather, extreme points of view that I don’t agree with.  I think this video helped me clear up some confusions I had. I thought the guy was a little annoying, but whatever, we can’t all be as charming as me. (That was a joke)

There is an excessive amount of negative media about “feminism”. My most recent understanding however, is that feminism is just equal rights and opportunities for men and women.  But it has become a polarizing conversation that seems to make both men and women angry.  So is feminism really just believing in equal rights and opportunities, or is it all that other wacky stuff there? Because we can say that those wacky people, like writer Rebecca Watson, aren’t typical feminists, but they sure do identify with it and make a name for it.  I may want feminism to be something, and maybe by definition that’s what it is, but just because something is defined one way doesn’t mean it isn’t something else in practice. I think it’s a case of semantics, I think it’s a case of whoever shouts the loudest wins, and I think it’s a case of does it really matter what we call it? And as far as the claims by Rebecca Watson, I’m still deciding if I want to even spend the time with another post naming all the reasons I dislike her.

Beyond the semantics and wacky people, what I do think is important is women’s rights, especially in the realm of health care. I’m not even a proponent of free birth control. I will happily continue to pay a co-pay of $5-$15  which is what I pay now.  I have the resources to do that. I’d be happy to see it be over the counter, or regulated similarly to how contact lenses are.  Certainly I hope that there will be the ability for organizations like Planned Parenthood to offer services on a sliding scale so women who don’t have the income can still be healthy and in control of their bodies and lives. I mean, we can say it’s just about health, but the decision whether or or not to have a baby is huge life decision and about more than health. I do get tired of hearing women who seem to think that Obama’s policy on health care is the only way for women to have rights.  There a lot of ways to do it, and we don’t all have to agree on it.

In the end, I feel like access to health services and contraception is an economic issue, and from what I’ve seen in the media and in my social circle, that is largely ignored.  The argument stops at “stop governing my vagina!” I have  heard that countries that don’t have as much access to contraceptive certainly aren’t flourishing economically. I’d like to read more on this subject actually, so if any one has a good source or article, let me know.  But I guess how I feel is that I do care about a lot of issues other than just those relating to my lady parts. And the politics regarding my lady parts are much more economical than they may seem. Among the younger “feminist” crowd I would love to see  more discussion about economics and see less statements and pictures  “get your government out my vagina” pictures. (Especially if you are in favor of the government paying for and subsidizing your exams and contraception….)

And I’m sure a lot of what I’m saying may be because of the people I’m friends with or the news I read. Obviously I know that there are plenty of women out there discussing politics from head to toe and that these economic realities are heavily researched.  I just do not want my place in voting and politics to be resigned to one political party and one platform because I feel, very strongly, that abortion needs to be legal and there needs to be appropriate access to contraception. I in fact do care about a lot of issues. The obsessive focus around women’s rights in politics, and I may make the same point for same-sex marriage, is not the same as civil rights.  Focusing so intensely on one issue that is somewhat specific to one segment of the population acts as a container, not as a liberator. I suppose once all this is sorted out we can move on, but I just hope the moving on portion comes soon rather than later.

thoughts always welcome,


Advice to a Younger Me

As a disclaimer, as I write this blog post to myself about some wisdom I’ve gained over the years, I have a stomach full of macaroni and cheese I asked my parents to mail. So I’ve grown up some, but not enough to abandon the disgustingly artificial delight of mac and cheese. That just seemed like a relevant fact. But I write on.

Someone recently asked me, if I could give a piece of advice to my 15 or 16 year old self, what would it be?

Now, there were not nearly enough rules assigned to this hypothetical. I am going to assume my 15 year old self finds her 20 year old self giving her advice to be perfectly normal. I wasn’t sure how much time I had either. If it’s like, a drop a line in her sub-conscious type thing, the one liner is:

 Don’t believe everything people tell you, even if they seem really smart, convincing, and convicted.  

Now, if I get to ya know, take her out to a nice dinner and have a good conversation, I would say something  more along the lines of this:

Don’t believe that your faith makes you any more moral than someone without faith or with faith in another god.  Don’t think that it makes you better and don’t think that it makes you happier. Just because it seems like all the good people you know are good god loving Christians, don’t assume there aren’t plenty of amazing non-Christians out there. Take time to really really put yourself in the shoes of other people and other perspectives.  When you are searching and searching for the right answer, instead of trying to forget about it, settle, push it away, or tell yourself that having unanswered questions is part of your relationship with god, just try to think of life from the atheists perspective. Not from the biased perspective your church and friends and media are telling you about atheists, but as objectively as you can. And even if it’s uncomfortable keep trying. You are not better than anyone because of your faith. And I know you know that, but take a second look at your actions and beliefs. Just because someone says what you’re doing is selfless and good doesn’t mean it is.  Be more objective, seek more answers outside of Christianity, and always wear your seat-belt.

What would you say to a younger you?

stay adorable,


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Atheist Book Monday

Happy Monday Adorable People!!

I hope you all had a good weekend.  Some highlights of mine were visiting the apartment Patrick and I will be sharing come January, going to a baseball game with some friends, and of course, my new atheist books!  I got God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens and Irreligion by John Allen Paulos.  I love to read–and as a young teen I read a lot of Christian devotionals and books, so it feels right to read a little bit about atheism.  Hopefully I’ll get a lot of reading done this week, I’m really looking forward to learning more and thinking more about something important to me!

What books have you read that impacted you?

Stay Adorable, M.C.

Adorable Animals

I have posted a lot about my thoughts and atheist things, but not enough about the adorable animals in my life.

First, there is my Welsh Corgi Kevin. My mom claims he has “English champions in his pedigree,” and any time the queen’s corgi’s are on TV we tell him to look at his cousins. Regardless of the truth of this statement, he is adorable. If you think he looks like a stoned, it’s because he takes morphine everyday for hip pain and is considerably happier after he has it.

Kevin was tired from opening Christmas presents (above)

There is also Patrick’s wonderful cat Figaro.  He is a nice, cuddly sweet guy, but he can also be a big fat jerk. The first time I ever met him, I had set my water bottle on the kitchen counter. He looked at me, he looked at the water bottle, back at me, back at the water bottle, and BAM! Hit it to the floor and walked away.  It’s been mostly uphill since then.  I love him dearly.

The other adorable animal I have in my life is this comic cat. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I just look at Shoelace and smile. He also makes good days better!

stay adorable,