Happy Fourth Of July!

American or not, I hope everyone has a very wonderful day this fourth of July! Summer is flying by here!!! I’m so thankful to have a full time job that I enjoy. It is so comforting to know that in less than a year when I am graduating college and getting married, (whaat?!?!!) I’ll have a well paying job. It’s not my forever job, but it is a great situation to be in. (Assuming nothing drastic happens…considering I work at a highly controversial organization).   

Just a quick post to say hi 🙂 My day off so far has consisted of buffalo wild wings, my first shower beer, and animal crossing on our new 3DS. Pretty successful, I’d say. 

stay adorable. Also, I’m having a lemon craving, so everyone should eat something lemon today for me. Unless you don’t like lemons, I don’t want anyone to be unhappy. 

🙂 M.C. 



A lot of you have probably heard about the sad story of Savita.  A woman who died in Ireland because the doctors deemed her dying unborn baby to be more important than her life.   Here is the article.  I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw the story on Facebook yesterday. And then on Reddit. And then from another Facebook post. And then thousands of articles about it on Google news. The story was so sad. And what shocked me even more is that it happened in a hospital I walk past almost every day.

And from what I’ve come to know of the Irish system of bureaucracy, I wasn’t surprised that a totally innocent, non-Catholic woman died in the name of the religious rite. A few weeks ago, during election time, I remember hearing Irish news talk about how American politics were so much more concerned with social issues like abortion and gay rights–and they certainly didn’t say that as if it were a good thing. More of a, why are they so concerned with those issues?  The students I’ve talked to have more or less had the attitude of, oh, people just go to England for abortions. It’s illegal here, but it’s not really a big deal. That’s just how it is.  Total complacency. But when their tuition goes up 250 euro…they suddenly know how to stand up to the government and organize marches and protests.

I’m not trying to be an expert on Irish government or anything, but I can’t help but have an opinion.  Now all the articles are about how the Irish government is going to rectify the situation, and clarify the law.  Too bad they didn’t do that before someone died. Too bad the political analysts were pointing fingers at Americans when they could have been looking at their own government.

It’s absolutely maddening. I can’t imagine the pain of  losing your wife and unborn child, in a situation where she could have lived. He had to watch her go through days of agony. As if that isn’t enough, the whole situation is thrown in to the public eye at the center of a political scandal. It seems like in situations regarding death and politics, the people become fictional.  These are REAL people.  Real people with real lives and families and jobs.  When we will we stop letting people die for reasons like this?? I mean, the restricted access to life saving abortion in a developed country is one sad situation, and there are thousands of others out there.  There’s that big one out there–war. A 3 letter word to describe a whole lot of awful.

I’m only waiting for the political statements, “at least something good came from it” or “it was gods plan”.  Fuck religion. Seriously. Fuck it.